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Swidnica - Hotel Esperanto

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Swidnica called small Krakow or pearl of Lower Silesia enchants visitors with its beauty for many years. You’ll want to find out what is a unique and historic city.

Swidnica is one of the largest and most important cities in the Lower Silesia. With more than 60,000 residents of the city, it was founded as early as 990 years, but received city rights before 1267 year. Once the capital of the Swidnica and Jawor principality, an important center of culture and crafts. After the Second World War greatly expanded as a result of industrial development. In the years 1945-1990 thriving industrial center with well-developed industry machinery, transport equipment, electrical, leather, food, radio, precision instruments, textile and foundry. Currently, an industrial center (developed automotive industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and food), an important cultural center, with the only museum in Poland Old Trade and numerous cultural institutions, sport and recreation. An important road junction and rail.

In Swidnica tourists can count on professional service. Tourist Information Centre located in the Market offers visitors a complete and professional information about interesting places in the city can obtain information on the base of hotel and catering events; or about the history and present of Swidnica. Information also selling photo albums town, brochures, maps and mementos.

By Swidnica run many of routes, bicycle paths and hiking trails. Swidnica is also an excellent base in the Owl Mountains (cross-country skiing, downhill skiing- Walim, Rzeczka) to nearby spas, among others, Szczawno Zdroj, over water (water reservoir in Mietków). In the area is the Palm House in Lubiechowie, commonly known Auniversary, Ślęża Mountain located in a nature park, Forums – Wroclaw, Zagorze Slaskie with Grodno Castle, Lubachów of the dam on the river Bystrica, Weld Daisy and even rocks in the nearby Czech Republic.

The Old Town of Swidnica- one of the most valuable urban complexes of this type in Poland. Swidnica because of its historical significance has many valuable monuments of religious architecture, bourgeois and industrial.

In Swidnica it is one of the highest in Europe and the fifth tallest tower in Poland – the tower of the Cathedral. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslas measuring 103 m. In addition, the town has several historic churches from different architectural periods.

The most important monuments in the city include:

St. Paul’s Cathedral. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslas – the tower with a height of 103 m
Peace Church of St. Nicholas. Trinity – a monument inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
Church. St. Joseph.
Town houses in the Market Square.
Group of Baroque sculptures in the Market.
Town Hall and a block śródrynkowy of Councillors Hall and the Museum of Old Trade.
Fortifications and medieval fortress of Frederick the Great, among others Flash Nowomłyńska, caponier and casemates a gate and casemate of the main shaft of the Museum of Arms.